The Halo Trust - The Halo Trust has been in operation for 16 years assisting with the removal of unexploded landmines and bombs from former warzones. With development and expansion, many of these areas are being inhabited and farmed, resulting in many deaths and injuries. The Halo Trust seeks to greatly diminish these casualties while advocating against using this devastating alternative in military conflicts.

Arts Corps - We may be biased but its a fact that the arts are usually one of the first programs to be cut in our public schools. Arts Corps is a non-profit organization based in Seattle that partners with schools and community organizations to bring free art classes to low-income youth. Its free for kids and provides an opportunity for kids to grow and be creative with art.

Earth Share of Oregon - Earth Share of Oregon is a federation of 68 leading local and national non-profit conservation groups that provides a convenient way for Oregonians to support conservation and healthy communities, because a healthy nature helps create healthy people.

Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls - A non-profit organization based in Portland. Their mission is to encourage, engage and showcase the musical, artistic and individual talents of girls and young women ages 8-18, and to empower them with tools for self-reliance as a means to enhance and affirm positive self-esteem. They provide a space for girls to speak their minds, and express themselves, and to not be afraid to do so in a field dominated by men.

Greenpeace International - This non-profit organization acts as a voice for an earth that's being destroyed. Since the early seventies, Greenpeace has campaigned for the protection of oceans and ancient forests, promotion of renewable energy to stop climate change, and the elimination of toxic chemicals. It's committed to keeping this planet green and solving the problems leading to its deterioration.